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Top 10 Starting Lineups in the NBA

1. Boston Celtics

Rajon Rondo
Ray Allen
Paul Pierce
Kevin Garnett
Rasheed Wallace

Notes: The addition of Rasheed Wallace to the starting 5 makes the C's with no holes in the starting 5. Also the Celtics have a top 10 player at each position. Yes, Rondo believe it or not is a top 10 Point Guard.

2. San Antonio Spurs

Tony Parker
Manu Ginobili
Richard Jefferson
Antonio McDyess
Tim Duncan

Notes: Ginobili will be able to start this year considering he will not have to attack as much with the addition of Richard Jefferson. This also gives the spurs a starting 5 with players who at one point or another in the career were all stars or borderline all stars.

3. Los Angeles Lakers

Derek Fisher
Kobe Bryant
Ron Artest
Pau Gasol
Andrew Bynum

Notes: Any lineup with Bryant and Gasol will be a top tier lineup. The addition of Ron Artest and the development of Andrew Bynum will be key to the how the Lakers stack up next year.

4. Denver Nuggets

Chauncey Billups
J.R Smith
Carmelo Anthony
Kenyon Martin

Notes: With Danthay Jones leaving for Indy J.R Smith likely will be inserted into the starting 5. The health of Nene and Martin will key if Nuggets plan on contending next year.

5. Orlando Magic

Jameer Nelson
Mickael Pietrus
Vince Carter
Rashard Lewis
Dwight Howard

Notes: The addition of Carter and the loss of Turkoglu will change the look off the Orlando Magic. Look to see a lot of 2-man game with Carter and Dwight Howard.

6.Cleveland Cavaliers

Maurice Williams
Delonte West
LeBron James
Anderson Varejao
Shaquille Oneal

Notes: The addition of Shaq will make Mo Williams and Delonte West look even better. As for James and Shaq? Well i'm sure everyone saw Shaq and Kobe and Wade and Shaq. Doubt it will be any different with Shaq and LeBron. Lineup would be better without Varejao.

7. Dallas Mavericks

Jason Kidd
Josh Howard
Shawn Marion
Dirk Nowitzki
Eric Dampier

Notes: Lineup may look different when the season starts as look to see the Mavs go back to a run and gun offense with Dirk at the 5 and Marion at the 4.

8. Atlanta Hawks

Mike Bibby
Jamal Crawford
Joe Johnson
Josh Smith
Al Horford

Notes: Lineup looks more potent than the offense the Atlanta put out against the Cavaliers. Hawks potentially will look for Crawford to come the bench although he is a more than capable starter

9. Utah Jazz

Deron Williams
Ronnie Brewer
Andrei Kirlenko
Carlos Boozer
Memhet Okur

Notes: Look for the Jazz starting 5 to be solid as always. Boozer may be on the move soon which will not matter greatly as Paul Milsap will fill his shoes nicely.

10. Washington Wizards

Gilbert Arenas
Randy Foye
Caron Butler
Antwan Jamison
Brendan Haywood

Notes: If the Wizards can stay healthy they are sleeper team to go deep into the playoffs. The return of Haywood and Arenas, with the addition of Foye will make the Wizards starting 5 look potent this upcoming season.

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NBA Draft Player Comparisons

Brandon Jennings 6-1 PG Europe

Compared To: Steve Francis/Allen Iverson

Analysis: Jennings is a superior athlete with all the tools necessary to become an all-star point guard. Jennings is a tremendous leaper, has a elite first step, and is a blur in the open floor. He has great vision in the open court. He plays at one speed, just as Steve Francis in his youth. Is a great finisher at the rim. Only weaknesses is an average jump shot and poor postioning on defense. With the proper coaching Jennings could potentially become a top tier player in the NBA very soon.

Stephen Curry 6-3 Davidson

Compared To: Steve Kerr/Juan Dixon

Analysis: Curry is the best pure shooter to come into the NBA since J.J Redick, but his game translates more to the NBA level because of his defensive prowess and his ability to get his own shot off. Has marginal speed for a point guard, which will hurt him defensively, but he has great instincts and quick hands which will make up for his lack of foot speed. Has improved his decision making skills but still hasn't become a pure point guard. Moves well without the ball and works hard. Curry can be very good fit for a team needing a knock down shooter and a high character player.

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Guards Comparison

Ricky Rubio 6-4 PG Spain

Compared To: Steve Nash/Jason Williams

Analysis: Has tremendous ball handling and vision in the half court and in the full court. Can make the fundamental or flashy pass. Creates pass lanes by putting a spin on the ball, using wrap around passes, or difficult bounce passes. Is a much better defender than Nash, but has less range and consistency on his jump shot. His flashy passes are on the level of a Jason Williams or Magic Johnson. There really is no guard you can compare Rubio to because of his unique skill set, size, and talent.

Ty Lawson 5-11 PG North Carolina

Compared To: Chris Paul

Analysis: Lawson is blessed with tremendous speed and quickness. In 2008-2009 season Lawson improved his 3pt shooting and his become a liable threat from the 3pt line which opened lanes for himself and his teammates. Has solid vision and great ball handling skills. In the NCAA tournament Lawson proved to be the best player and leader of the nation's best team. Outside is lack of size  there is no reason Ty Lawson will not become a Chris Paul like PG in the NBA for years to come.

Eric Maynor 6-4 Virginia Commonwealth

Compared To: Chauncey Billups/Sam Cassell

Analysis: Big PG with a great feel for the game. Has a solid jumpshot and has the ability to get into the lane and create shots for himself and teammates. Uses body well to asborb contact and draw fouls. Is not the fastest player, but Maynor uses his solid first step to get by defenders and holds them off using his 6-4 frame. Maynor is natural born leader and a clutch basketball player just as Cassell and Billups. Maynor attended a small school but is ready for big time games, as shown in tournament upset over the heavily favorited Duke Blue Devils.
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