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Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks

1. Peyton Manning  STATS: 95.0 Passer RTG, 4,002 YDS 27 TD's 12 INT's

Analysis: Has done it all, won 2 MVP trophy, a Superbowl, been to countless Pro Bowls, and plays well no matter who he has on the field with him. He is a pure pocket passer, with a great arm, tremendous accuarcy, and unbelieveable pocket presence.

2. Tom Brady STATS: 83.9 Passer RTG, 76 YDS O TD's 0 INT's

Analysis: Before being injured Tom Brady was looking to return to the superbowl coming off a 50 TD season. When Brady is healthy, which is all the time, with the exception of last year, he and Manning are the best in the buisness.

3. Drew Brees STATS: 96.2 Passer RTG, 5,069 YDS, 34 TD's 17 INT's

Analysis: Extremely productive quarterback. Very accurate, underrated arm strength, and is a great leader. Brees has been one of the NFL's most productive QB's since coming to the Saints.

4. Phillip Rivers STATS: 105.5 Passer RTG, 4,009 YDS, 34 TD's 11 INT's

Analysis: Just got a huge contract, and it was well deserved. With LT having two down years, Phillip Rivers has kept the Chargers offense potent. He doesn't enough credit for working without a Top 20 reciever. 

5. Aaron Rodgers STATS: 93.8 Passer RTG, 4,038 YDS, 28 TD's 13 INT's

Analysis: Has overcome the drama that comes with being associated with Favre to become a great NFL quarterback. He has a strong arm, good accuarcy, and goes through his progessions very fast for a first year starter. 

6. Donavan McNabb STATS: 86.4 Passer RTG, 3,916 YDS, 23 TD's 11 INT's

Analysis: Over the last 5 years McNabb has proven to be a true pocket quarterback. He has become more accurate and has been very productive. He has been to a Superbowl and multiple NFC Championship games. Is also a proven winner.

7. Kurt Warner STATS: 96.9 Passer RTG, 4,583 YDS, 30 TD's 14 INT's

Analysis: Has returned to the form he had with the St. Louis Rams, were he won a Superbowl and was a cast member of the greatest show on turf. He has shown that age is just a number for the quarterback position in the NFL.

8. Jay Cutler STATS: 86.0 Passer RTG, 4,526 YDS, 25 TD's 18 INT's

Analysis: He is the best up and coming QB in the leaque. Cutler has a cannon arm, good accuarcy, and is mobile. He has all the tools to be great. He just needs to be surronded a good cast in order to start winning some games.

9. Tony Romo STATS: 91.4 Passer RTG, 3,448 YDS, 26 TD's 14 INT's

Analysis: Romo is the most underrappreciated quarterback in the NFL. He had to deal with Terrell Owens for 3 years and still produced at a high level. Cowboys fans most have forgot who their QB's were after Aikman. Anthony Wright, Quincy Carter, and the list goes on. I know the Cowboys have high expectations but you have a good QB, get over it.

10. Ben Roethlisberger STATS: 80.1 Passer RTG 3,301 YDS 17 TD's 15 INT's

Analysis: Has won two Superbowl rings. The latter superbowl Roethlisberger showed great poise and made some great plays when the Steelers needed it.
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NFL Regular Season Award Predictions

MVP- Tom Brady QB New England Patriots

Analysis: Brady will have a great season as long as the Patriots o-line can keep him upright. He might not throw 50 TD's but he might come close.

Coach of the Year - Jack Del Rio Jacksonville Jaguars

Analysis: The Jags have a revamped roster, but they have a motivated Torry Holt and a younger and better pass blocking Offensive Line. Expect the Jags to go 11-5.

Offensive Player of the Year - Adrian Peterson RB Minnesota Vikings

Analysis: League's best running back. If he keeps improving at this pace a 2,000 yard season is not out of the question.

Defensive Player of the Year - Albert Haynesworth DT Washington Redskins

Analysis: The best DT in the buisness. Will improve an already stout run defense and will free up Carter to make plays. More pressure will allow ball-hawking Safety LaRon Landry to have a pro-bowl caliber season.

Offensive Rookie of the Year - LeSean McCoy RB Philadelphia Eagles

Analysis: I'm just not sure that Brian Westbrook will be healthy. LeSean McCoy has many of the skills Westbrook has will be a potential stud as a rookie if Westbrook doesn't comeback healthy as expected.

Defensive Player of the Year - Aaron Curry LB Seattle Seahawks

Analysis: Best LB in the draft. Has great speed and recognition skills. Will replace Julian Peterson as the Seahawks top playmaking linebacker.

Comeback Player of the Year - Keith Rivers LB Cincinnati Bengals

Analysis: He was a potential defensive rookie of the year before Hines Ward lit him up and broke his jaw. He is extremely gifted and will lead an improving Bengals defensive that was ranked 12th last year.
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